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Why the After-Party Should Be Our Worry, Not Yours

Our Services

Our cleaning programs are tailored to you and include the following services:

Pre, During & After Event Cleaning

Agile and Accurate

An impeccable service of pre-cleaning and post-cleaning. We are the essential support system your event truly deserves

The Magic Behind the Scenes

Spotless First Impressions. Stress-Free Execution. Post-Event Reputation. Eco-Friendly Solutions. Trained Professionals. Competitive Pricing.

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Professional Janitorial Staff

Impeccable Cleanliness

There's an unsung hero that plays a vital role in shaping the event's success – cleanliness. Our attendants ensure that the venue remains in pristine condition.

Professional Cleaning

Pristine Experiences

A clean environment significantly increases the comfort levels and satisfaction of employees and customers. At YML services we have extensive experience from shopping malls to hospitals.

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VIP Portable Restrooms

Guest Comfort

The Essential Role of Portable Restrooms. A well-maintained, hygienic restroom facility ensures attendees stay comfortable throughout the event, enhancing their overall experience.

Contemporary Design

Hygiene First

Efficiency and Accessibility: Strategically placed portable restrooms minimize long queues and ensure attendees spend more time enjoying the event rather than waiting.

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Restroom Attendants

Best Practices

Introducing our premium Event Restroom Attendants Services, ensuring that this essential facility matches the elegance and efficiency of the rest of your event.

The Unsung Heroes

Elevating Guest Experience

With continuous use, restrooms can quickly become unsightly. Attendants ensure facilities remain clean, well-stocked, and sanitized after each use.

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Porter / Custodial Services

Commitment to Excellence

This service is ideal for commercial properties, residential buildings, educational campuses, and healthcare facilities that require consistent upkeep and regular attention.


Specialized Care and Attention: Porters at YML Services are trained to handle specific needs such as care for high-traffic areas, immediate spill response, and upkeep of restroom facilities to ensure they are always clean and stocked.

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Trash Removal Services

Efficient Trash Removal

Upholding Event Reputation; a clean venue not only enhances the attendee experience but also preserves the reputation of the event organizers.

Environmental Consideration

Affordable Pricing

Commitment to Sustainability Discreet Operation. Eco-conscious Disposal. Venue Preservation. Seasoned Expertise. Ease of Event Conclusion

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Roll off Dumpster Containers

Safety and Hygiene

Every memorable event, from electrifying concerts to opulent weddings, has an essential yet often overlooked ingredient: efficient waste management.

Roll-off Dumpster Containers

Versatile Sizes

With the versatility to accommodate bulk waste, these containers ensure that the event site remains clutter-free, enhancing the attendee experience.

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Temporary Trash Bins Rental

Regular & Recycle

With events, big or small, waste management is crucial, not only for aesthetics but also for environmental responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility

Enhanced Guest Experience. Venue Maintenance. Ease of Post-Event Cleanup. Aesthetically Designs. Efficient Placement - Affordable Packages.

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Vacuum Sweeping

Commitment to Excellence

Proper vacuum ensures your event venue remains impeccable throughout. Attendees might not notice a sparkling clean floor, but they'll certainly notice a dirty one.

Sweeping Away Challenges

Flexible Scheduling

Enhanced Safety. Quick Turnaround. Preservation of Venue. Trained Personnel. Environmentally Conscious. Commitment to Excellence

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— About US

Meet some of our team members.

Our office staff and experienced service team of more than 50 professionals are ready to assist with all your event needs!

Have you ever been to a bash and thought, “Man, who’s gonna clean up this mess?” Well, guess what? It doesn’t have to be you. Not when YML Cleaning Services is just a call away!

You’ve Had Your Fun, Now Let Us Handle the Mess

There’s a certain magic to events – the laughter, the memories, and the occasional spilled drink or two (or three, but who’s counting?). You’re in the groove, having the time of your life, and the last thing you want to think about is the aftermath. That’s where we come into play.

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Green Cleaning Philosophy

What's In Our Magic Cleaning Box?

It all starts with a single first step.

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After Event Cleaning
Museums, art galleries, venves, outdoor locations
Trash Hauling
No need to play hide and seek with garbage anymore.
Temporary Trash Bins
So your guests can toss them as they go.
Sweeping (of all kinds)
Sidewalks, dance floors, and even those pesky corners.
Restroom Maintenance
Because a clean restroom says you care.
During Event Cleaning
Your space always clean during the event

Comments About Our Services

Hear out what ours clients say about we

fernando Boulos
fernando Boulos
I am very happy with the YML service, I recommend them, they are the best, my corporate event was a success with their help, they are very responsible, punctual, it is an excellent service! I recommend them
Michael Mack
Michael Mack
Thanks to YML my events are always perfect for our clients and relationships in my industry remain stronger than ever. Keeping a clean house is easy with Robert and his team at YML!
Bryan Torres
Bryan Torres
Megan Digeon
Megan Digeon
We used YML recently for my brother's rehearsal dinner. Our party attendant did a fabulous job. She came early, made sure there was no trash lying around, got drinks for people, cleaned and freshened up the bathroom, put away leftovers, etc. She wouldn't let me do a thing! Would definitely used them again!
mystical eye
"The team came in after our corporate gala in Miami, and within hours the place looked spotless! A top-notch service that's worth every penny."
Isabella Rossi
Coral Gables
triangle tech
"Never imagined a post-party clean-up could be so swift and thorough. It's like the event never happened (minus the wonderful memories)!"
Elena Kummar
Fort Lauderdale
"Organized a big family reunion in my backyard, and the aftermath was quite a sight. But, to my surprise, this crew transformed it overnight. Amazing work!"
Sophia Bill
Boca Raton
"They have the magic touch! Organized a corporate event with hundreds of attendees, and they made the cleanup seem like a breeze. Absolutely delighted!"
Gabriela Cruz
West Palm Beach
big bite
"Hosting events is stressful, especially thinking about the aftermath. These guys took that stress away! My go-to after every big gathering now."
Andres Fernandez
summer festival
"Their reputation precedes them, and for good reason! After a massive conference in South Florida, they managed to leave our venue looking pristine. Truly impressive work!"
Dylan Wilson
Delray Beach
antonio alvarez
"I never realized the value of a great cleaning service until I hired this team after a gala. Their efficiency and attention to detail are unmatched in South Florida."
Antonio Alvarez
"A lifesaver after our annual fundraiser! Their team transformed a chaotic space into a serene, spotless venue. Can't recommend them enough!"
Isabel Quillez
Coconut Grove

Advantages for contracting us

Benefits & Value Proposition

It is time you added a touch of YML magic to your events.

Are you planning your big day or helping someone else’s dream come true? You may be a pro at event planning and all about those details. Either way, why get your hands dirty when you don’t have to?
Post Event Cleaning by YML is the ace up your sleeve.
Because when the curtain falls and the lights dim, we ensure the stage is set for another memorable event.

Ready to start?

Transparent Pricing. No hidden charges, no sudden surprises. Our transparent pricing means you know exactly what you're paying for. Quality service doesn't have to come with a shocking price tag; we're living proof of that!

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

A Spotless Reputation
Our team's got an eye for dirt. Whether it's confetti lodged in the unlikeliest of places or a wine stain that's being particularly stubborn, we've seen – and cleaned – it all.
Safety First, Always
Wet floors from spills? Broken glass? Potential hazards will be handled swiftly and discreetly, ensuring your guests' safety.
Round-the-Clock Support
Have we got a spill during the event? Panic not! Our team doesn't just swoop in post-event. We're there throughout, ensuring the venue remains impeccable. Our ever-watchful eyes confirm that potential messes are nipped in the bud.
Green Cleaning Philosophy
While cleanliness is our mantra, sustainability is our ethos. We're not just about tidying spaces but about preserving the planet. Our eco-friendly products and recycling services ensure that your event's aftermath doesn't burden Mother Earth.
Your Venue, Only Better
Imagine the venue looking as fresh as a daisy after your event. With us, that's not just wishful thinking; it's a promise.
Save Your Deposit
You've probably paid a hefty deposit for that venue. We'll ensure the place is in tip-top shape so you can get every penny back.

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