Hospitality Industry and The Corona Virus Crisis

The COVID-19 situation has caused an unprecedented crisis around the world. The grounding of travel and tourism has also affected the hospitality industry. It has cancelled events throughout the country affecting small businesses and millions of families.

At YML Cleaning and Event Services, YML Agency and YML Portable Restrooms, we have placed the health and safety of our employees as a top priority. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have take steps to ensure the sanitation of our VIP portable restrooms. Our employees servicing the janitorial and staffing industry have been provided with masks and gloves. We have taken additional steps for disinfecting and sanitizing.

While our events industry operations have been affected, The YML Team and The YML Group remain solid. We continue to provide our janitorial, staffing and portable restrooms services in South Florida and Southern California to current and new clients. Our portable restrooms are currently servicing corporations and businesses across the State of Florida and California during this crisis situation.

During this time, we are mindful of the impact that COVID-19 has had in the world and the communities we service. We are committed to continue providing the same high level of service our brand is. Consistency, professionalism and responsiveness will continue to be our company drivers. The YML Team is preparing to ensure our operations return to normality when the hospitality industry turns around.

Thank you to all our clients for your continued trust and support. Thank you to our employees that continue to provide the services we offer to clients and businesses during this crisis throughout Florida and Southern California.

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