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ICA Miami Staff 2018 Photographed by Javier Sanchez
ICA Miami Staff 2018 Photographed by Javier Sanchez

ICA Miami, or more formally known as the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, is an astounding establishment. The ICA Miami prides itself as the epicenter of contemporary art through innovation and collaboration both regionally and internationally. They also do not restrain themselves from traditional art as they are welcome to performing arts, and are continuously on the look out for interdisciplinary work. They therefore hold a range of artists from Sol LeWitt to student art work which both equally enraptures audiences. Additionally, it is important that the establishment holds tours for schools, volunteer programs, and youth programs.

The Museum

The institute garners the attention of the public through its modern style of display through its museum. The museum established contains art which pleases any type of viewer. Here, they display “ an…international platform for the work of local, emerging, and under-recognized artists,” thereby exposing the public to different art forms. By having such a distinct amount of suppliers for their museum, they are able to distinguish themselves from other institutes who may be more monotonous in their process.

It is therefore clear that ICA Miami focuses on the public. Art is meant to be enjoyed by all, not just simply art lovers and artists. The general population should have access to quality art to evoke within them an emotion or to simulate thought. ICA Miami is able to facilitate such stimulus by offering free admission year round. Through ICA Miami, literally anyone can come to enjoy art. The main goal of this establishment is to further “the public appreciation and understanding of the most innovative art of our time”. Hence, by providing free admission this is a possible feat to accomplish.

It is therefore a privilege that everyone should take advantage of and visit. The museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am-7pm. YML was graciously commissioned to service for an event at the ICA Miami. At the event we provided our very own restroom attendants in which they did a number of tasks to keep the event organized and running smoothly. Our attendants greeted guests, assisted clients and stocked restrooms and kept them sanitized. We are grateful towards ICA Miami for choosing YML as their servicer and we wish them luck in their future aesthetic endeavors.

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