Into the UNKNWN with Miami

Into the UNKNWN

On Dec. 5 the basketball legend, LeBron James, opened up the flagship clothing shop, UNKNWN. The clothing boutique has settled itself in Miami’s art culture hot spot in Wynwood. The grand opening of the flagship store was a momentous affair as it took place during Miami’s Art Basel—one of the largest art shows in America. UNKNWN, similar to Art Basel, is a platform for other brands to propel their designs. LeBron James may appear to be the face of the brand, but UNKNWN is co-owned by Jason Kanfer and Frankie Walker Jr. in addition to the basketball star. The brand is a cultivation of the three’s unique styles and their combined discomfort with the shopping experiences of high-end brands.

The Brand

“We now have a level of experience that we just didn’t have before,” Walker Jr. said in an interview with the Miami Herald. UNKNWN isn’t a new brand, in fact,  James, Walker Jr., and Kanfer’s grand opening of UNKNWN was back in 2011. However, as they worked together to finalize their projected goal and endgame, they finally came to a conclusive agreement. They wanted a single space to shop where all sorts of people could flock to.

“When I travel, we’d walk in places and not feel that comfortable, and I knew that’s not what we wanted UNKNWN to represent,” said Kanfer. 

Nike, Adidas Originals, and Comme Des Garçons are only three of many designers featured on UNKNWN’s website. The designs are clean cut, but also closely teeter on the lines of street and high-end fashion. This is done purposely..

By collaborating with a multitude of infamously high-end brands and fashioning a more comfortable atmosphere, the three create an ideal space for shoppers. In addition, the brand is a manifestation of the

Our Contribution

YML provided VIP portable restrooms to UNKWN’s grand opening in Wynwood, Miami. In addition, the restroom attendants, maintenance staff, and cleaning services had been supplied by YML. The YML brand is dedicated to providing a luxurious experience to any event. As such, it was the perfect match to the UNKNWN brand that is propelling a symbiosis of luxury and more low-key fashion experiences, all the while, establishing a higher degree of service and quality.

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