Jet, Cruise en Rouge: Flying With Gilda’s Club

Recap: What is Gilda’s Club?

Gilda’s Club is a safe haven for anyone who’s been affected by cancer. Therefore, they offer assistance indiscriminately and are known for their extensive list of programs. They are a cancer support community and will then help any and everyone get back on their feet again. The fight against cancer ravages every part of a person and runs through families and friends. In order to help alleviate the physical, emotional, and financial stress their programs are all free of charge. As a result, no matter what socio-economic or education level a person may have, the Gilda’s Club will fight for them.

What is the Jet, Cruise en Rouge?

Hosted by Gold Aviation Services, this hangar party was held on February 1, 2019 at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. The Jet, Cruise en Rouge exceeded all expectations with its luxurious high end scale in service and aesthetic appeal. Consequently, it was an event fit to honor all persons impacted by cancer as all proceeds went straight to South Florida’s Gilda’s Club.

Take off!

In support, YML Portable Restrooms donated an Executive Portable Restroom. The Executive Portable Restroom is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort for all users. Thus, we found that the  Executive Portable Restroom was perfectly in par with an event as grandiose as Jet, Cruise en Rouge!

To read more on Gilda’s Club and the event look here!

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