Kampong Botanical Gardens

The Kampong Botanical Gardens

On Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, Florida sits a beautiful botanical garden with an array of tropical fruits and flowering trees. The Kampong estate where the Kampong Botanical Gardens are located is a former estate of Dr. David Fairchild. Fairchild traveled throughout the Southeast portion of Asia collecting exotic plants, and quite a few of them ended up here.

These gardens host plants from Southeast Asia, Central and South Americas, the Caribbean and other tropical locations. The plants not only flower, but contain an array of fruits.

This non-profit institution is part of a network of five botanical gardens, preserves and research facilities that cover around 2,000 acres in locations around Hawaii and Florida. The mission of these institutions is to discover, save and study the world’s tropical pants and share what they learn about them.

The Kampong is also full of educational resources for students and the sources are used by universities and colleges for botany and horticulture courses. Visitors from around the world come to learn and expand their knowledge on tropical plants at The Kampong. Everyone can find their own form of enjoyment, whether you’re a plant enthusiast or want just want to walk around and enjoy their beauty.

The Kampong has two locations within the gardens to accommodate any type of event. Whether it’s a company get-together or lavish wedding, you can choose from the South Shore Visitors Center or the McBryde Garden to host your event. The visitors center can host 350 guests and allows for a beautiful ocean view, while the McBryde Garden can accommodate 25 to 350 people near the “mist of a secret waterfall.”

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