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Dress Your Office for Success with Personalized Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Welcome to YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services, where we dress your office for success. In the bustling heart of Miami, FL

We bring fresh air into your workspace, ensuring it reflects the professionalism and elegance your business embodies.

Our mission is clear: to create an environment that not only impresses your clients but also fosters a safe, comfortable, and productive workspace for your employees.

Why Choose YML?

At YML, we don’t just clean; we curate environments that enhance your business’s image and employee satisfaction.

We understand the pivotal role of a pristine office space in making that crucial first impression and maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and care.

Our specialized services are designed to address every aspect of office maintenance, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Recognizing that each office is unique, we offer bespoke cleaning packages tailored to your needs. Our dedicated team works closely with you to identify your workspace’s unique cleaning and maintenance requirements, delivering a personalized service that exceeds expectations.

Ready to Transform Your Workspace?

Don’t settle for less when it comes to maintaining your office environment. Contact YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services today to discover how we can tailor a cleaning and maintenance program that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

Our Comprehensive Service Portfolio:


Our extensive range of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Sanitization of Restrooms: Ensuring clean and hygienic facilities for employees and visitors.
  • High Traffic Area Maintenance: Including reception areas, stairs, and elevators, ensuring these key areas are always welcoming and spotless.
  • Dusting and Disinfecting: Targeting surface dust and disinfecting high-touch areas to maintain a healthy workspace.
  • Waste Management: Efficient disposal of waste and recycling, promoting a clean and environmentally friendly office environment.
  • Kitchen and Lounge Care: Cleaning and disinfecting communal areas to provide a pleasant break space for your team.
  • Floor Care Excellence: From sweeping, mopping, and polishing to comprehensive carpet and rug maintenance, we keep your floors immaculate.
  • Pressure Washing: Removing dirt and grime from exterior surfaces to enhance your building’s curb appeal.
  • Ventilation Cleaning: Ensuring clean air circulates throughout your office by maintaining air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Window and Awning Cleaning: Provide a clear view with our meticulous window cleaning services.


Call us today for a customized quote, and let’s set your office on the path to impress!

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