Post event Cleaning & Maintenance Services

YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services works with many businesses both small and large in the Miami Dade Region of Florida. We are known throughout the region because of our attention to detail and highest quality customer service. With a diverse set of services that exist to serve any and all manner of events, YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services is ready to service events in the Miami Dade Region both large and small.

YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services offers site setup and teardown. This allows hosts of an event to enjoy their day in comfort while we deal with the heavy lifting that needs to occur. Alongside our pre clean and post clean customers can rest assured that their venue will be perfect at the start of an event as well as afterwards.

Our cleaning services make use of power spraying and sweeping. YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services also supplies sidewalk sweeping alongside vacuum sweeping. No matter the setting we can keep your venue clean. We also ensure that the products we use are environmentally conscious. To help with specific customer needs, we make use of cleaning supplies that also avoid potential allergic reactions. These same items are free of ingredients such as perfumes and dyes.

We also offer trash removal services through cleaning during the venue alongside our trash hauling services. Our roll off dumpster containers are easy to maneuver and are designed to be utilized at many different events. In addition, we also offer temporary trash receptacles for events where the roll off dumpsters are not the best fit. Many events also call for recycling services and we provide separate containers to suit this need.

YML Portable Restrooms our partner company which carries a reputation of professionalism, reliability, and stellar customer service, is also available to help at venues. Our luxury restrooms mirror the comfort that our customers expect of the events that they are hosting. Our restroom attendants also service the restrooms to ensure that they are clean before and after every single use. Our employees have been trained to exhibit maximum customer service in all areas.

Finally, rounding out all the services we provide are our professional cleaning attendants. Like the restroom attendants, these professionals have been trained with maximum customer service in mind. They are prepared and ready for any needs that might be addressed during an event.

From humble gatherings to large scale events that affect the entire Miami Dade Region, YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services is trusted by companies and individuals to help ensure that their events are perfect. With services that are tailored to every single need, it is not hard to see why.

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