Prepare For February 29, 2020

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You’ve probably heard all about leap years, but what exactly is it? And why does it matter? You see, almost every four years we have a leap year. This is when a year becomes 366 days, rather than the traditional 365 days, which comes from the Gregorian Calendar. Since we follow the Gregorian Calendar, we have 12 months in a year. However, in order to keep in sync to this calendar we add in leap years.

Why Do We Have A Leap Year?

Leap years are therefore added to keep our Gregorian Calendar in sync with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. We traditionally will add in a leap day, February 29th, because if we didn’t we’d lose six hours off our calendar every year!

February 29th

February 29th has hence become a day filled with tradition and superstition. Such a fantastical day literally only comes once every four years, giving it a mysterious ambience. In an old Irish legend, it was said that a Saint struck a deal with St. Patrick to allow women to propose to men, but only on February 29th.

Such interesting folklore can only exist through this special day. This is why many are interested in planning events and celebrations on this very special day.

A Day That Only Comes Once Every 4 Years!

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Weddings, birthdays, parties, and etc would only be elevated with the knowledge of having it on this special day. Rather than having the date of your event on some random day, you could have it on February 29th, 2020, our next leap year. Such a unique day should be planned using the best caterers, planners, and staff. In order to focus on the smaller details of planning, a working staff will be needed to provide overall maintenance. Pre and post cleaning, set up, and portering services will be on the rise for this special occasion. For a day that only comes once every four years, needs a team that will make it even more special.

Hurry and begin to gather a team of professionals now for a fantastical day!

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