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Adidas is taking its step as a world renown brand to promote sustainability through recycling. In order to promote this objective, Adidas will be holding a five day event in multiple areas of Wynwood in Miami. The event focuses on Reduce, Reduce and Recycle for a Greener Planet, a new Campaign for the brand.

Through their initiatives in recycling products, Adidas is making moves to not only promote the lives of individuals, but for the planet as well. Recently Adidas has partnered up with Parley For the Oceans in hopes of reducing the waste of our ecosystem. Together they aim to “ learn, evolve, and reconfigure the way we think about pollution in the world’s oceans ”.

We like to think that because the Earth is so wide, our actions are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, everyone’s actions build up, creating monstrous piles of waste. By littering your plastic bottles and cans, you add to the waste which is currently accumulating in our oceans. Adidas and Parley recognizes that we must switch that perspective and start taking initiatives ourselves and collaborate.

Adidas and Parley have created a line of shoe wear which has been made by utilizing the millions of pounds of plastic which can be found like floating islands in our ocean. If more and more consumers begin to favor these sneakers, then that will lead to a higher production rate of re-purposed sneakers. Adidas’ initiative with Parley is a game changer as we combine ethics, fashion, and athleticism.

The stylish EQT Support ADV Parley Shoes , are geared towards both athletes and environmentalists. The intersectionality of these identities allows for greater interest in recycling and will possibly change perspectives and eventually lives. YML is joining Adidas and Parley by helping the event sort out its trash. Over the course of the 5 day event, it is inevitable to have trash accumulating with the influx of people. YML’s staff will be participating by separating recyclables, food, and other trash.

We are going to then take the assembled garbage to the correct facilities to insure that the trash is disposed of properly. In doing so, we hope to be a part of the shift towards a more Eco-friendly environment. Take your part and begin recycling and throwing away trash responsibly, and together we can make change in our lifetime!

YML Services Miami and Wynwood
YML Services at Adidas Event in Wynwood, Miami.
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