Sporting Event Hosted by Toca Events in Miami Beach

Toca Events provides entertainment on many different levels to events and organizations throughout North and South America. Their reputation is such that Fortune 500 companies partner with them constantly. They have achieved prefered status with a selected collection of hotels. Finally, their mission statement of embracing an environmental and cross-cultural perspective indicates the very complex number of types of venues they associate with.

Miami, Florida is a major city of activity and Toca Events hosts and helps run many different gatherings in the area. From Corporate Meetings to Miami Sporting Events, this organization has made a major impact on the city as well as its culture.

YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Toca Events. Our company ensures before, during, and after the event that the venue is clean and maintains the standards expected of any event both large and small. With services tailored for different events needs, we are able to keep up with the fast paced environment that comes with working with an organization such as Toca Events that hosts events for many diverse reasons.

Like Toca Events, our list of cleaning programs are very diverse. These services include:
Site setup and teardown
Pre-clean and post-clean
Trash removal
Trash hauling service
Professional cleaning attendants
Temporary trash receptacles
Power spraying and sweeping
Vacuum sweeping
Sidewalk sweeping
Recycling services
Roll off dumpster containers
Portable restrooms
Restroom attendants

Like Toca Events, YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services is ready to assist with your next event. Our adaptability and attention to detail is one of the reasons we enjoy working with such diverse organizations.

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