Temple House: A home for Imagination

Lavish, extravagant, and luxurious are the only words that pop into my head when thinking of Temple House. The venue is an untouchable power house stationed in Miami Beach with its flourishing list of customers, and exquisite aesthetics. The venue will transport you to wherever you dream with its phenomenal technology and creativity the Temple House has to offer.

Temple House does not limit itself to one type of event. Instead, it explores different realms of entertainment— making one room with an infinite amount of purposes. The Temple House caters towards weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporates, film production, and the list is endless. Even stars such as One Direction have visited the Temple House. At Temple House they had filmed their music video for, Best Song Ever, which has well over 500 million views. In the music video, the venue is pristine white and appears to be shot in a office. However, for the recent 2017 Major League Baseball All star gala, temple house masterfully crafted a whole new scene. Their venue had changed to seem as though guests were sitting in the middle of the playing field. Using their high-end video mapping technology, Temple House recreated scenes from the Fenway Park Boston, The LA Dodger Stadium, and more. Not only does Temple House awe with their immersive technology, but they also cater their services to their customer. Ultimately creating a unique experience all in one room.

It’s no surprise that Temple House is an award-winning establishment. They are able to adapt to change and move with the flows of various trends. They present only the best caterers, photographers, designers, and finally, even the best services. YML Cleaning & Event Services is the exclusive provider for the Temple House. We offer our methodical and meticulous cleaning services, restroom attendant, and day porter services. Thereby allowing the guests of Temple House to celebrate in opulent luxury. It is important to us, as a specialist in luxury venue cleaning service provider, to allow no detail to be unattended in such an impeccable venue.

The Temple House is very much theatrical— it’s a stage which allows for new settings with the push of a button. YML brings some order to the theatrics of Temple House; offering the customer and event planner’s tranquility. As a cleaning service, we allow Temple House to reset itself back to its original form. As a result, YML Cleaning & Event Services allows the TempleHouse to be ready for the net stage it houses.

Temple House InteriorTemple House Rooftop


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