Ten Years and Beyond with YML

2009: The Beginning

Image result for financial crisisGo into Google, click the search bar, and type “2008”. There’ll be suggestions of cars, and interestingly enough the NBA draft, but at the end of the list will be the 3 words all Americans know too well. 2008 financial crisis.

The financial crisis is said to have lasted from 2007-2009 and dubbed the worst since the 1930’s Great Depression. Housing crises, bank foreclosures, unemployment, and homelessness are all key terms of this 3 year period. The crisis was an untamable tornado— whipping across the United States, and grew into a global travesty.

As the crisis ripped up homes and banks— Yoan Lorenzo and Robert Herrera held hope. Both were equipped with hefty business credentials and ready to pioneer through the maintenance industry.

Building from the Bottom Up

YML Cleaning & Event Services

Even as the financial crisis was said to be coming to a close in 2009, the after shock remained in Florida. Thus, Lorenzo and Herrera took action. They saw a need for expedient and reliable services and started up the YML Cleaning and Event Services.

In building YML Cleaning and Event Services, Lorenzo sought an experience that would exceed expectations. Staying true to his word, YML Cleaning and Event Services has grown into the most efficient and reliable cleaning and maintenance service. The professionalism, the meticulous detail, and personalized services done were unseen in the cleaning industry prior to YML Cleaning and Event Services. Now YML offers different types of cleaning and maintenance:

  • Office cleaning and janitorial services
  • Institutional cleaning services
  • Post and Pre Event cleaning services
  • Restroom attendant services
  • Event maintenance staffing
  • Trash removal services

Learn more about these services here!

Thank You for An Exceptional 10 Years

Miami Design District ICA Miami Office
One of our Customers: ICA Miami
Temple House Miami Beach Rooftop
One of our Customers: Temple House

Ten years after the financial crisis, YML stands proud and tall. However, this is a feat that could not have been achieved by just our grit— we needed you, our customers. Therefore, YML gives its utmost gratitude to every customer that made the decision to go under our care. The last ten years have been a journey for the brand as the company branches towards other modes of service. Currently, the company has evolutionized service through its new technologies, interdisciplinary approach, and sister branch: YML Portable Restrooms.

However, have no fear. We will strive to continue with its renown professionalism and quality service in every endeavor. Please expect more from us, whether it be here at YML Cleaning and Event Services, YML Portable Restrooms, and other future branches.

We will be here. No hassles. No worries. We’ll get it done for another ten years, hand-in-hand with our customers!


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