VoyageMIA Introduces the Faces Behind YML


The Voyage Group of Magazines in Los Angeles are a team of 40 content creators aimed at their community. Scrolling through their articles you may note how their interviews “aren’t as polished” as other outlets’. Some may view it as unorthodox or maybe even unprofessional. However, this is a stylistic and ethical choice made by VoyageMIA.

“we believe far too many in the media, filter, edit, and polish away the personality of interviewees and as a result so much of what we see in the media feels like it’s coming from the same person, the same voice…”


The YML Group is happy to have collaborated with a media outlet that honors the personality and individuality of the interviewee!

An Introduction: Yoan Lorenzo & Robert Herrera

The article first goes in depth on the business and entrepreneurship of YML’s two driving forces. It then proceeds to lay out the history of the YML Group starting from YML Portable Restrooms to its fruition. Most notably, it mentions the great success of YML Group’s participation in the 2016 Panama Canal Inauguration Event.

A Really Real Interview

The path taken by YML may appear to be paved concrete when viewing its success; however, in reality the road is filled with twists and turns. The groundwork for YML didn’t appear over night. It took perseverance and hustling to balance the personal and work life.

“…Nights of no sleep and jumping on the computer for hours after working 10 hours days for several years was a common and almost daily routine.”

As they lost sleep and sacrificed time with loved ones, YML was busy building relationships with clients.

“It takes years to build client relationships and trust, but it can be lost in a few minutes.”

However, YML never let the devastation of losing these ties drive them to the ground. Instead they were able to learn and grow from them. Instead, they found focus in three qualities that any of YML’s customers will recognize: customer service, professionalism, and a unique experience.

Again, the YML Group extends its utmost gratitude towards VoyageMIA for the raw and honest interview.

To read the full article and interview click here!

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