Why rent an ADA – Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restroom Trailer?

An ADA portable restroom trailer is equipped with an approved wheelchair accessible stall for individuals that are unable to walk into the restroom or climb steps or stairs.

This ADA portable restroom comes equipped with two regular individual stalls that can be reached via steps on the side of the trailer and a wheelchair accessible stall that can reached on the far end of trailer via a ramp that allows wheelchairs to have access or anyone with difficulty in climbing steps or stairs.

The trailer comes with air conditioning throughout the unit and music system, running water, flushable toilets and mirrors.

Below you will find the reasons why an ADA portable restroom may be needed or required for both public and private events:

• Most municipalities, counties, and cities require an ADA portable restroom for public events to ensure they meet the American Disability Act requirements.

• An ADA portable toilet can be used at private events if you have guests that are unable to reach a restroom via steps or stairs which are the ways to access portable restroom trailers.

• The ADA stall can be accessed via ramp that is placed at floor level, once the person enters the wheelchair accessible stall, they find a spacious area equipped with handles around the toilet, as required by ADA.

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