YML Arrives in Los Angeles

YML has officially stepped foot in Los Angeles. The city is known as the epicenter of dreams and opportunities for any and everyone. Therefore, it’s the perfect spot for the brand to expand in the existing portable restroom and cleaning services market. Our style in luxury through our services and products will impress anyone who is a first timer in the YML experience. We hope to take root in the Southern California area and become a dependable service for residents just as we have been in Florida.

Bring On the Service!

Our V.I.P. luxury portable restrooms in particular will be a key piece in our expansion in Los Angeles. YML is equipped for any and all event sizes from extravagant outdoor events to intimate weddings. Our Petite or Mini Suites are perfect for those housing a smaller number of people. However, the Petite and Mini Suites may be small in size they most definitely are not in terms of quality. In addition, our Executive series of portable restrooms exude a sort of elegance that will always impress! The sleek modern interior and exterior alongside our expedient service is what our customers have consistently raved about. We’ve been blessed with opportunities such as Miami Music Week and the renown Ice Palace Film Studios. Now, Los Angeles is getting the chance to experience the luxury.

This is Us

Since 2009, YML has been providing top tier professionalism from our humble beginnings in Florida. The brand has taken huge leaps of faith in branching towards different avenues from cleaning services to portable restrooms. We saw a deficit in the cleaning industry, and so, with the utmost passion YML worked its way up to becoming what it is today. As we take our first step in Los Angeles, we will continue to keep our pledge to offer a uniquely unbeatable experience.

To learn more about the history of YML and its founders click here!

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