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The plush restrooms you have seen in your life may have several things in common – gold fittings, lush plants, marble basins. The sink was probably lit like a movie star’s dressing room. YML Portable Restrooms offer many luxurious accommodations, including oak vanities, air conditioning, and soft music – with satellite and USB connections to allow you to customize the experience. But there’s one thing people often forget when they host an event, and it may be the most vital to their guests’ peace of mind: a discreet restroom attendant.

Guests can have a lot of anxiety around going to the restroom at large events, and it’s not hard to see why. Anyone who has been to a large rock concert knows a laundry list of what can go wrong with a portable restroom. You don’t expect the VIP caliber service YML provides. That’s why YML Portable Restrooms is delighted to offer you customer service-trained restroom attendants.

Our staff of professionals check over the restroom after every use, quickly and efficiently, to keep the facility running clean and up to spec all through your event. We want to make sure every guest has a clean, pleasant experience. YML Portable Restrooms serves locations all over Southern California and Central, South West, and South Florida. Whether you want facilities for a crowded film set or an intimate photo shoot, in Beverly Hills or Miami, YML has you covered, coast to coast.

YML’s trained, dedicated, professional restroom attendants are also a service offered by our sister company, YML Cleaning & Event Services. If you will be providing your own facilities, that’s no reason to forego the reassurance that our restroom attendants can provide. We dispatch restroom attendants to rented venues and private homes alike. Keeping your restroom fresh as a daisy for the length of your event will also make post event cleaning a snap.

Don’t hesitate to contact YML Portable Restrooms and YML Cleaning and Event Services to speak with staff about how we can help you at your next event. From concerts to weddings to private get together, we want your guests to feel like rock stars.

restroom maintained by our restroom attendants

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