Brew at the Zoo & The YML Services Team

Brew at the Zoo is an event that happens once a year in Miami, Florida. Given that this event is the largest beer festival in Miami is a testament to the importance of both the event and venue which hosts it.

The hosting venue is Zoo Miami, though it is also known as The Miami Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. Boasting being the only subtropical zoo in the continental United States draws a large crowd.

With the amount of activity caused by Brew in the Zoo, YML Cleaning and Maintenance Services is pleased to be a valued partner for this event. Maintaining the grounds of an event such as Brew at the Zoo is a demanding task, but YML is amply prepared to do so. Our organization uses Green Cleaning that is especially important when maintaining the grounds of a major wildlife area such as a zoo. Our environmentally conscious cleaning materials ensure that we keep the area as clean after the event as it was before hand.

Post Event Cleaning can be a massive undertaking at a venue such as Brew at the Zoo, but YML Services comes prepared. We have tailored our cleaning services which include the following:
Site setup and teardown
Pre-clean and post-clean
Trash removal
Trash hauling service
Professional cleaning attendants
Temporary trash receptacles
Power spraying and sweeping
Vacuum sweeping
Sidewalk sweeping
Recycling services
Roll off dumpster containers
Portable restrooms
Restroom attendants
At a venue such as Brew at the Zoo, using Green Friendly cleaning supplies is a must. We provide environmentally friendly tools for each and every one of these services.

With an event such as Brew at the Zoo, special care is given to ensure that trash generated at the event does not make its way into areas of the park where it does not belong. Our Roll Off Dumpster Containers are provided to prevent an environmental mishap. We also provide trash bins so that the venue remains clean from to start to finish. Combined with our additional cleaning services, this ensures a luxurious experience from before the event to its conclusion.

Alongside our Cleaning Services, YML provides its Portable Restroom Services. Our luxury restrooms match what guests expect when they come to such an important event such as Brew at the Zoo. This Service also includes highly trained Restroom Attendants who pay maximum attention to detail. Whether they are working within our portable restrooms, or at those provided by a venue, restrooms will remain clean at a level of the highest quality.

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