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For the last 10 years YML Cleaning Services has been offering the utmost luxurious experience for its customers. Every event, big or small, is left satisfied after a taste of YML’s professionalism unforeseen in the janitorial market. With over a decade of experience, YML is prepared in the management of a multitude of venues. Whether it be for offices or night clubs, YML will leave the employer impressed with top tier cleaning, maintenance, and janitorial services.

Office Cleaning

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In order for employees to work efficiently, it is essential to have a clean office space. Therefore, in order to boost a company’s efficiency give YML Services a call! With a spotless office, employees will thus be able to work without distractions and enhance their productivity. Additionally, with a meticulously groomed office space, prospective employees or business partners will be impressed. YML offers a variety of services including:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
  • Cleaning reception, stairs, elevators and other high traffic areas
  • Surface dusting, disinfecting “high touch” areas
  • Waste and recycling disposal
  • And much more!

Institutional Cleaning Services

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YML provides a plethora of options for institutions that require different cleaning and maintenance styles. Retail stores, museums, hotels, and schools, differ from one another and therefore the service required differs from one another. For example, museums hold precious artifacts and art that must be handled with the utmost care. YML offers a team of technicians that have been approved by customers such as the Vizcaya Museum in Miami. With the experience YML holds, it can therefore be assured that any institution maintained by YML will be maintained in a professional and spotless manner.

Event Services

Events can be a hassle with the meticulous planning of design, entertainment, facilities, and more. Therefore, YML will make planning easier through its maintenance staff. Entertainment venues such as: sports arenas, night clubs, and stadiums must be maintained through a detailed eye. YML is trained to comb out trash in both large and smaller venues. Additionally, YML Cleaning and Maintenance  are skilled in site set up and tear down along with pre and post cleaning. Customers won’t have to worry about the hassle of large messes after an exciting night of fun. YML offers:

  • Trash hauling service
  • Professional cleaning attendants
  • Temporary trash receptacles
  • Power spraying and sweeping
  • Vacuum sweeping
  • Sidewalk sweeping
  • And more!

For a service that’s hassle free and will guaranteed satisfaction, contact YML now.


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